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PPI: The Biggest Mis-Selling Scandal In History

Over £31bn has been paid out by the banks since January 2011 and there are still billions left to be claimed*

PPI was mis-sold for decades, and the sheer scale of the mis-selling means that thousands of people who were mis-sold PPI are yet to claim back what is rightfully theirs.

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PPI was designed to cover repayments in the event of sickness, injury or unemployment. However, PPI was mis-sold because:

  • Consumers never asked for PPI
  • Consumers did not want PPI
  • Consumers did not know they were paying for PPI
  • Some consumers did not need PPI

Billions of pounds have been paid out since 2011

Lloyds Banking Group have set aside a further £1bn (incl. administration costs) to compensate customers who were mis-sold PPI.**

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If you have or have had a loan, credit card, mortgage or car finance, then you should check whether you had PPI with it. It really is surprising how many people are sure they never had any PPI.

Consumers still have time to claim before the PPI deadline

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